about us

RaPay spearheads a new generation of cash collection of customers funds using open banking and account 2 account payments.

Rapay brings immediate cash flow, no need to wait for 24 hours or even 72 hrs for the cash to reach the merchants account. Working with regulated entities, RaPay brings you integrated solution that removes all traditional Point of Sale, inefficiencies, reduce costs, same time, money and resources.

A product Designed with in merchants mind, Since 1997 the CEO Lubin B Reyes has been in the payments industry since then he has strived to create a fair environment for client and merchants. He has strived in bringing solutions for merchants in a de-risked environment. At times breaking new ground in challenging and an environment resistant or unwilling to change.

This is Digital Cash Collection (DCC).
RaPay provides a Service that is provided by fully licensed firms regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) UK with ISO’s standards.A CMS Group Product. (custodialms.co.uk)


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